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Have your tried our Live Stream??? If you haven’t Trust me you want it!!!! We Now have our Dance Fitness With Jessica App & it makes it that much better!!! It’s available now on Android, iPhone, Apple TV, Fire TV, & Roku so you can view the livestream anywhere you want. First sign up on the website www.dance2fitwithjessicabass.com then download the app Dance Fitness With Jessica & start having fun while getting an amazing workout!!!

Give me 1 month!!!! If you don’t like it you cancel anytime, no fee!!!

✅ Become Confident
✅ Feel Better about yourself
✅Only $20 a month
✅20 NEW DANCE2FIT & HIIT2FIT 60-90 min Classes a month
✅Get unlimited access to classes anytime / do them anywhere
✅Tutorials for the dances
✅Get unlimited access to all the DVDs.
✅Burn up to or more than 1000 calories a class
✅ cancel anytime/ no fee
✅ Get dances to your favorite songs that aren’t on YouTube/ no ads

My dance classes mixed with a HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) total body workout class that will guarantee you fast results you will see in just a month if you put in the work and eat right !!!! I’m confident in it & I know it works!!! We already have a couple of thousand members already!!!! If you love Youtube this is so much better!!!!! It will push you to go the hardest you can and you can do it anytime and unlimited!!!! I will also give you a break down of the new dances & talk you all the way through each dance. The camera is right in front of me so you face me instead of being on the side. We have even added a HIIT2FIT class which is a total body workout!!!! It’s amazing!!! You can also cancel at anytime with no fee!!! Its like you’re right in class with me and you get the songs that are on the radio and a lot of dances that aren’t on youtube! Just try it out!!! You’ll love it!!!

We have New 60-90 Minute classes a month:
M, TU, TH 6:15-7:45pm
Sat 9-10am
M, TU, TH 5:30-5:45pm
Sat 8:15am
Barre Classes
Wed 5:30pm

These are all Eastern Time. You can always do them later if you can’t do them live with us. Have any more questions email support@dancefitnesswithjessica.com
To sign up today go to: https://dance2fitwithjessicabass.com/

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