Zeus Fitness Abs & Core 15 min Light Dumbbell Workout

A killer Zeus Fitness Abs & Core Light Dumbbells Workout today guys and boy does this one sting. This is a great way to incorporate some light dumbbells into your ab workout for added resistance making for one seriously tough ab and core home workout

It’s crazy what the added weight can, do but can get amazing results. You may not have added some dumbbells to your ab workouts before , never thought to or even knew how to so hopefully this workout can show you what a great workout you can do and you can add it to your ab workout collection

In this workout we will be hitting

5 exercises x 10 reps each x 4 rounds

This will burn so make sure you go light with those dumbbells and see how you get on. Beauty is you can also do this ab workout with no weights if you wish and still get in an amazing workout

So grab a drink, your dumbbells , a little space at home and 15 minutes free time and lets roll

As always guys , love to hear from you guys . Any questions , feedback or anything you would like to see, just drop me a comment in the comments section and I will try to get back to you all 😊

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Till the next one

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